How to hit solid wedge shots off winter lies

I recently attended a workshop run my two gurus in the golf coaching world; Scott Cranfield and Steven Orr.

Steven shared research on the top 5 finesse wedge players on the US Tour for the last 5 years; Justin Rose, Justin Leonard, Luke Donald, Jim Furyk and Jason Dufner.

Traditional wedge play coaching would be:

o   Ball position opposite back foot

o   Weight on left

o   Shaft lean

This encourages a steep angle of attack but puts a premium on perfect timing as the leading edge could easily dig into the turf, causing a duffed shot.

The top 5 players approach things differently:

o   Ball position centred or just ahead of centre

o   Weigh favours left but not excessive

Key was:

o   A neutral shaft angle which brings the bounce of the club into play

o   Seeking to brush the ground 2-3” behind the ball but on a shallow angle of attack

o   This brings the bounce of the club (trailing edge) into play and gives far more room for error then a leading edge led swing

o   The handle rises slightly after impact

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