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As golfers we can be quite obsessive about scores. As soon as we’re back in the clubhouse the question will be “what did you shoot today?”

I’m just back from a 2-day Master Mind Factor Workshop in Manchester with the legendary Karl Morris and 25 other like minded coaches including a couple of satellite tour players.

Acquiring vs. dropping shots

With a score card in hand, especially a medal we’re under pressure immediately not to drop shots. During the workshop we discussed a concept called “Circles” which is the opposite as the player acquires circles rather than drops shots.

Before the round the player must commit to somethingThis could be a multitude of things but most relevant to the player at that given moment. For example, committing to take a deep breath before every shot, exhale then swing the club, or ensure every approach chip or putt gets past the hole. If the player does commit on each relevant shot on a given hole, they circle the hole number on the scorecard. At the end of the round, they add up the number of circles acquired and also give themselves feedback as to what prevented them from acquiring a circle on some of the holes.

Manchester Mind Factor Workshop Nov 22

Tour school success

One of the delegates, fresh out of tour school shared his “Circles” story. He was playing the back 9 to qualify for the Satellite tour and had 3 circles he was committing to; one pre shot, one during the shot and one post shot. They were;

  1. Focus on alignment to target
  2. Slight pause at top of backswing
  3. Hold the finish

He stuck to his guns acquired the circles and the by-product of this approach was that he qualified for the tourJ

What would your circles be?

Send me your top 3 circles. The most interesting/unique or humorous will win a bottle of wine. Entries by 16th Dec please.

Next steps

If you’d like to discuss the circles most appropriate to your game, just get in touch. 07764 895 045

Karl Morris


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Xmas special

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