Photo by Yogendra Singh on Unsplash

Tone of Voice – introduction

When we play golf, we’re accompanied by our golf buddies but also two caddies: the good caddy and the bad caddy.

The good caddy is positive, encouraging and helps us to do our best. Conversely the bad caddy sees the worst in everything; “you messed it up last time, you’re going to do it again – see I told you so!” 

“You’re ******* useless, you’re the worst player I’ve ever met”

So who are these two voices, well actually they are both you!

Think about how you talk to yourself on the golf course. Would you berate anyone else the way you do to yourself? – hopefully not?

So if you don’t undermine other people like this, why do you think it’s ok to talk to yourself in this way? Is it helpful, is it useful? No well if it’s not useful it’s use-less!

Paulo Coelho once said “Be gentle with yourself, when you strive to do your best” #

It’s okay to get angry for 10 seconds, but then get over it. While you are, give yourself feedback on what actually happened. This is a great opportunity to become more aware of your golf swing. If you are too busy throwing your toys around or inviting that big black cloud to follow you for the rest of the round, you’ve actually missed the point.


So next time you’re on the course and you don’t hit the perfect shot, think twice before you speak (to yourself), temper your language and fire the bad caddy too. 07764 895 045