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I recently attended a golf workshop in Archerfield, Scotland hosted by Karl Morris (performance Coach), Gary Nicol (European Tour coach) and Vin Harris (Mindfulness guru and Buddhist Monk)

In my last Blog I spoke about your tone of voice. Today I’d like to focus on “Your story”

Your Story

We all have one, and especially one that relates to golf. We are governed by this story more than we realise. It contains some highs and more than enough scar tissue too.

So please take a moment to put pen to paper and right your golf putting story (no digital media please, just pen and paper).

In your words, who are you as a putter? Do you like putting and do you like your putter? Do you look forward to putting or see it as an unfair appendage to hitting full shots? What do your playing partners think of you as a putter? “Boss of the Moss” or the 3 putt King or Queen?  Take your time – it’s your story so worth giving it some thought.

New story

Leave it a day and come back and re-read it. Is this the golfer you want to be or the one your golf buddies have type cast you? Are you a hostage to past experiences? Do you aspire to be a different putter? Do you deserve better?

Now put pen to paper again write down the putter you’d like to be. Be a little realistic here. Saying you’d like to be “the best putter in the world” may not be obtainable but “being the best putter you could be” may well be easier than you think.

Next steps

Now would be a good time to have a chat and turn your new story into reality. We can create a plan together to help you become the putter you’d like to be.


We don’t have to be constrained by our current story but are free to write a new one. So sharpen your pencil and start writing. 07764 895 045

Karl Morris

Gary Nicol

Vin Harris