Welcome to The Golf Swing Company


With my coaching support, I can help you increase the memorable moments, reduce the frustration and make golf more fun! Whether you’re looking to cure that slice, sharpen up your short game, knock a few shots off your handicap, or hone your mental approach I can help.

Golf Lessons Bournemouth at all weather carpeted studio within The Parley Golf Centre.


The key is to understand your goals and aspirations and tailor the lessons to help you achieve those goals. Whether it’s to be more consistent, win the club championship, or just have more fun, the lessons will be built around your needs. Observing your golf swing, with an experienced eye, a video camera and the latest computer based golf swing analysis software. We can replay your shots to help you gain a better understanding of how you swing the club, and compare your swing with golf professionals. The key is to help you become more aware of your golf swing to the point where you can self coach.  This is very different form the traditional “faults and fixes” approach.

Pricing available from single lessons, to tailor made programmes covering all aspects of the game.

A typical initial golf lesson: We’ll start with a chat to better understand your golfing goals. I’ll ask you to rate each of your major shots on an A-F scale; with “A” being outstanding (against your current handicap or skill level) and “F” meaning “I need a lot of help”. (Driving, fairway, pitching, chipping, bunkers, putting and course management) This will give me a great sense of your strengths and weaknesses.

Then we’ll do some stretching to assess your flexibility and coordination. After that you’ll hit a few shots and I’ll carry out an MOT on your golf swing. Then I’ll video your golf swing with two cameras, and we’ll study your golf swing and identifying the 1-2 areas which will make the biggest difference. What is most interesting here is what you spot that previously you were unaware of. These so called “blind spots”  are where you will make the biggest progress. Join Tony for some professional golf lessons Bournemouth at Parley Golf Centre. Taking all of the above into consideration, we can then develop a plan to help you achieve your golfing goals.