The Golf Swing Company Tuition Packages


Choosing the right golf coach for you can be challenging, Considerations include location; I’m easily accessible from Bournemouth Poole, Christchurch and Ringwood. I also have clients travelling from as far as Yeovil and Dorchester. Why would they travel so far to see a golf instructor?

Well perhaps it’s my approach. What I don’t offer is a quick fix based on a fault/fix approach. What I do is to take the time to identify your golf motivations and golfing goals and design a golf plan to meet your needs. My overall aim is to help you become more aware of your golf swing to the point where you could self coach.  It could also be about the mental side of golf or your course management skills. To help raise your awareness,  I use two video cameras and golf analysis software.  Seeing your golf swing in super slow motion will also help you progress more quickly. My golf studio is all weather; heated and rain proof for the winter with doors that open onto the golf driving range in the summer and dryer days.

The golf studio is perfect for one to one golf lessons with no spectators unless you want them. We work on one aspect of the golf swing at a time to enable you to ingrain changes to your golf swing with confidence. Lessons cover all aspects of the golf game, from driving to fairway golf shots, pitching and chipping, putting and bunker shots. I also offer on-course golf lessons as this is by far the best place to see you in action and suggest ways to make you an even better golfer.

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