Self taught, with a firm view of what works for you? Maybe you’re a little reluctant to take advice?

Solution – come to the studio, see your swing on the latest golf swing analysis software, compare your swing at any point with top pros and self diagnose. If you’d like a second opinion, I’ll be on hand too.

Alternatively you may wish to focus on your mental approach to the game and squeeze those extra 1%’s out of your performance. Having spent 6 days with Karl Morris, I use his mental game strategies which helped Louis Oosthuizen win the British Open.

The 1% improvements that could transform your golf game

The British Olympic Cycling team dominated because of their flawless attention to detail. This varied from engineering rounder wheels, to athletes taking their favourite pillow with them to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Here are a few examples of areas that could make a difference in your golf game:

  • Medal rounds – do you change your practice routine and build the game into something bigger than it actually is? Understand what works best for you and stick to this pre-game routine; whether that’s 30 mins on the driving range, or 10 minutes in the nets and on the putting green – be consistent
  • Study your score cards in sets of three holes. Do you start poorly or fade toward the end?
  • Starting poorly could be poor preparation, such as stretching the key muscle groups before you leave home
  • Fading towards the end might be a lack of fuel. Do you drink plenty of water and eat healthy snack bars as you go round?

What one percenters could you come up with? I’d be happy to help you develop your 1% plan.

I’ve also spent time with the legendary Fred Shoemaker of Extraordinary Golf fame. You don’t call your company Extraordinary Golf unless you are confident you’ll achieve extraordinary things. I did!

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