As Xmas and a New Year approaches, now is a good time to reflect on your golf game in 2016. Two key questions to ask might be “what did I learn” and “what did I enjoy?”

A great way to aid this reflection is to keep a golf diary. At the front you’d write down key pointers you’d picked up from golf lessons or things you may have tried on the range that worked.

At the back of the diary keep a log of all the really good shots you’ve hit in any given round. You’ll be surprised just how many good shots you hit over the year.

This approach is not an ego trip but an essential way of reinforcing these shots with your golfing brain. The more detail you capture, the easier it will be to recall when you are next in a similar situation.

It’s also a fabulous pick me up should you be suffering from a poor run of form. Simply pick up your golf diary and read a few inserts and remind yourself just how good a golfer you really are!

Details should include where, when, who you were with, the weather, the shot itself, what was on your mind when you hit it and the result.

Ps. I supply these golf diaries free of charge to clients who commit to a 10 lesson programme.

Happy golfing! 🙂