The pressure of a score card in your hand

Here’s a golf related exercise you can do away from the course.

Does this sound familiar?

“I play well till there’s a card in my hand”

Conventional thinking of front 9, back 9 and overall score can heap a huge amount of pressure on your shoulders

Say you start with a double bogey, do you immediately think the front 9 is blown and switch off?

Or you have a good front 9 so put even more pressure on yourself to keep it up

Well there is another way…

This alternative approach is called Super 6 and consists of reframing the round into 6 games of 3 holes. On the first tee, set yourself a target for the first 3 holes (let’s say 1 over par) at the end of the 3 holes, review your progress and then set a target for the next 3 holes. If you’ve started poorly try to improve on the next 3 holes. If you’ve started well, set a tougher target for the next 3 holes. Continue till the 18th and only then add up your score.

Even before you embark on this new strategy, find your last 10 scorecards (ideally for the same course, but not essential. Load them onto a spread sheet and then analyse them to par in groups of 3 holes.

What you might find:

Slow Start

If you have a pattern of performing poorly for the first few holes, think about your pre-game preparation. Did you stretch that morning? Did you visit the range or nets to hit a few balls? Did you have a few chips or putts? If not, this could account for your slow start where the first 3 holes become your warm up.

Fade towards end of front 9 or towards end of the round?

If this is the case, are you drinking enough water as you go round? If you wait till you feel thirsty, it’s too late! 73% of our brains are made of water, so keep hydrated to keep your brain performing

What kind of food did you have before you played? Sugary cereals or fry ups won’t sustain your energy levels. Try porridge with a banana for breakfast or pasta for lunch as this will release energy more slowly to keep you energised for all 18 holes.

Failing that, bring a healthy snack bar rather than chocolate.

Do let me know what your analysis reveals.

Source: Karl Morris, Mind Factor

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