October Player of the Month– David Waldron

Tony said:

“I’m delighted to make David Waldron my player of the month. David always rises to the challenges with enthusiasm, energy and most importantly, an open mind. It’s been a pleasure to see his rapid progress from disillusioned golfer to a competent and confident player.

Looking forward to the pay rise too”

David said:

A year ago my golf was at its lowest ebb. Physical injury problems and falling confidence was making me think of giving up the game. Instead, I decided to try a pro and picked Tony Hand simply because he used a technique designed to build on your natural swing rather than stuff you into a one size fits all methodology. Less than a year on and my handicap is falling fast, my confidence is sky high and , best of all, I am enjoying the game. My team mates said “Whoever your coach is, you’re not paying him enough”

David Waldron, 26 handicap, Merrick Park