Happy New Year dear reader. 

2021 has just drawn to an end so a time to reflect and set your golfing goals for the next 12 months. See below for an easy guide to creating your plan.

So how was 2021 for you? Did you achieve your golfing goals? Did you even set any golfing goals?

Your new plan should be interactive, one that you will refer to weekly, rather than file away till next spring. A plan to set goals and measure progress.

So let’s get started…..

All good plans should start with these fundamental questions:

  1. Where am I now ? 
  2. Where do I want to be?

Where am I now?

Before we move into the quantifiable stuff, just remind yourself why you play golf?

Draw up your top 3 reasons:

For example, 

  • Fresh air, exercise and the scenery
  • For the social side
  • To win something
  • To be the best player I can be
  • The challenge of me against the course architect
  • To shoot my lowest score/to lower my handicap 
  • To beat someone (wife, brother, best mate, etc)

This list is far from exhaustive, and your top 3 should be in your own words

Next review your golf game for 2021. Measure yourself against 100 people on your current handicap or ave score for 18 holes

Give yourself a score for each of these areas where “A” is outstanding and “F” means I need a lot of help (A, B, C, D, E or F)

Driving – what club do you use? Is it a driver where space allows or do you not trust yourself and stick with a 3-wood, hybrid or even an iron?

On average, how many fairways would you hit out of 14 holes (the other 4 holes being par 3’s)?

(This is your average for the year, not your Sunday best)

Give yourself an A-F score


Imagine you are 200 yds away from the green. How would you rate yourself here on an A-F score?

What club would you typically use?  Is it enough club to reach or do you not trust yourself with say a 3-5 wood? Are you turning 1 shot into two? 

If you miss the target, is it typically left, right, short or long?

Same again from 150 yds – give yourself an A-F score and note the misses, left/right/short/long

What is your club of choice? Are you confident with this club? If it’s a 5-6 iron, have you considered the equivalent hybrid as some find these much easier to hit

If you are consistently short, is this poor club selection or inconsistent ball striking?


What club would you select from 100 yds?

If you miss the target, is it typically left, right, short or long?

Give yourself an A-F score


20 yds – completely flat

What is your club of choice?  Are you playing a chip and run or throwing it up to the flag?

Score yourself A-F

20 yds – over an obstacle such as a bunker or water 

Club of choice? Score yourself A-F

Greenside Bunkers

Do you normally get out first time? How often would you expect to get up and down in 2 like the pros, or are you happy getting out and then taking 2 putts?

Are the miss hits too much sand or too little? Score yourself A-F


Do you think you can hole everything or are you content with 2 putts per green?

How many 3-putts per round on average? Do you like your putting stroke? Do you like your putter?

Score yourself A-F

Course Management

How well do you think your way around the course?

Do you lay up to your favourite distance on par 5’s or just hit your second shot as far as you can?

Do you always hit driver off the tee?

How well do you read the prevailing conditions – wind, narrowness of fairways, and position of hazards, risk of being long or short on your green approach shots? Do you know how to accumulate points in Stableford competitions or do you just shoot for the pin regardless? 

Score yourself A-F


Ok, now revisit your scores.

Your A’s and B’s are your strengths and your D-F’s are your low hanging fruit. These are the areas you can make your biggest gains. 

The next blog will focus on your plan…..


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