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I recently messaged my former boss Mike. (He was very supportive when I confided in him that I no longer wanted to be part of the corporate world and had a dream of becoming a golf coach).  Mike was super energetic, very much a can do kind of guy. The only flaw was that he was an Arsenal fan! As a Spurs fan myself this actually created lots of good banter. Indeed we once sat in a bar in Barcelona together, watching Arsenal take on the mighty Barca back in London.  (It may as well have been in Barcelona as the away team monopolised the ball) Poor Mike ran out of finger nails to chew – he was that nervous.

Devastating News

So I was really devastated to hear that Mike was recovering from a massive stroke. It meant he had had to learn to walk again and had also lost the use of his right arm. He sent me a blog on the power of “Yet”. Here’s an extract..

Photo courtesy of Mike Kent

“So what is exactly the power of yet. Yet is my kind of mantra. It’s all about constant recovery not being exactly a straight line which some people might think its like. Its 2 steps forward one step back or even two steps forward three steps back four steps forward. You go left you go right. You have different paths open up to you.

The key proponent of “yet” is that I can’t move my right arm yet. I can’t run yet. It is a very powerful word. It really inspires me to carry on the hard work, the True Grit.

You are so in the moment, the now, so happy and your ability to notice your surroundings and your ability to appreciate your surroundings is phenomenal. You don’t rush from A to B or A to Z anymore. Everything is just a little bit slower but deliberately because you’re taking it all in. And that’s the beauty of it all. You take a breath, take another breath and just admire what is actually happening around you and that is so new for me and that’s something that has not been part of my life pre stroke.

So I cycled the most I’ve ever cycled today. I don’t know. 25 kilometres or something like that with no resistance on the pedals. It’s knackering. It’s exhausting. And having gone shopping and pushed my trolley which is really hard to do making sure that both my hands are on the trolley to encourage the movement in my right hand is all hard work. And all this hard work requires recovery, requires downtime, requires rest and sleep and you just have no idea how much recovery and rest I require after exerting myself on the bike or doing the shopping or just doing the mundane things that we just take for granted or used to take for granted.

So it’s a marathon and I’m in it and I don’t know what mile marker I’m at but I’m in the marathon and I’m still walking or running or whatever you do when in a marathon and I’m enjoying it. It’s hard work, bloody hard work but I’m motivated and I’m going to do it.  Thanks for listening”

The Power of “Yet” for golfers

I meet a lot of golfers for the first time who tell me they can’t do this and they can’t do that and I ask them to rephrase the point by adding the word “yet”.

You can’t chip over bunkers – yet!

You can’t hit a 7 iron over water – yet!

You can’t hit the 13th fairway at your home course – yet!

Anything is possible with the right mindset, the right environment and the right encouragement. 

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