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As the year end rapidly approaches, now would be the perfect time to take stock and figure out just how good your 2020 golf year really was.

So how should you measure success? How many rounds played, average scores or some kind of fun barometer?

As mentioned in my blog 8, I do keep score as follows:

Away games

 Where I played, who with and how the game went (fun levels, score and any memorable moments)

Home games

 I keep a spreadsheet going and capture the date, score, shots per hole, front/back 9 and total. Then I analyse:

  • No. of pars
  • No. of birdies
  • Missed fairways
  • No. of 3 putts
  • Greens in regulation (GIR)
  • Scrambles (I measure up and downs inside 100yds, but 40 yds would be more common)

What is then interesting is to compare the totals and the trends. So here comes the “lies, damn lies and statistics” part as I tend to play mostly 9 holes on my home course which could skew the data. So I could create a weighting for the % of 18 holes and 9 holes or simply compare the totals for the year as the number of 18 holes per year is fairly constant. Phew!

Without boring you with the absolute numbers I can share the following:

  • Ave No. of pars: increased
  • Ave no. of birdies: increased, especially on the shorter/tighter 9 hole course
  • Missed fairways: slight rise on 18 hole/big reduction on 9 hole course but overall good for my handicap
  • 3 putts per round: no great change and average ok
  • Greens in regulation: Improving but my weakest stat relative to my handicap
  • Scrambles: Solid improvement which helped to offset the poor GIR’s

So this helps me focus my golfing performance goals for 2021

  • 1.  How to hit more Greens in regulation? 
  • Hit drives further  while staying on the fairway – shorter second shots
  • More “solid hit” shots from the fairway – to find more greens

2. Improve scrambles

  1. More practice time on pitching and chipping
  2. Practice holing out more

Away Games

As well as reviewing my form over the year and the fun I had, I also look at the number of different course played. I can then set some goals for 2021. It’s great to play a variety of different courses; heathland, parkland and links. This year I discovered a 4th category; A “downs” course – I was fortunate enough to play Goodwood golf course (with my coach)and its basically very hilly with lots of trouble wherever you look – a really good challenge The variety will make you a better all round player.


So do take some time to review your 2020 performance, set some quantifiable goals for 2021 and let me help you achieve those goals.

Thanks for reading my blog and a very happy new year to you and your families!

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