There are a plethora of golf training aids on the market. Today I’ll walk you through the third of the four main ones I use during my coaching sessions

Golf Hammer

I was first introduced to the golf hammer by Kendal McWade at a golf workshop he co- hosted in Holland in 2018.

At its simplest the golf hammer is designed to create a very clear “hammer and nail” task. The golf hammer is the hammer and the golf ball is the nail. The task is to deliver the hammer square on the back of the ball (nail).

There are three amazing spin offs:

  1. Grip

The user takes a hold of the golf hammer in the most efficient way to complete the task. This hold or grip is often quite different from their normal golf grip but is in reality their “natural grip.” By following this task it’s a great way of pupils discovering their natural grip (rather than being forced into following traditional guidelines (2 knuckles on the left hand showing, right palm facing the target, etc)

2. Swing Plane

The second benefit is with swing plane. As the task is to deliver the hammer head square on the back of the ball, a sea change takes place with a client’s swing plane or path. A so called “scenic route” path often evaporates in an instance with a far more direct and efficient path. 

If this doesn’t happen immediately, then hitting a few 20 yd shots with the golf hammer quickly demonstrates to the pupil the spin they are impacting on the ball, as a direct result of the path the club head is travelling on.

An out-to-in path, catching the ball on the inside edge, will send the ball to the right. 

Conversely an in-to-out path catching the ball on the outside edge will send the ball left. The pupil is then invited to self correct gaining an excellent understanding of the impact of different swing planes.

3. Angle of attack

By placing a ball embedded on a spike into the ground, then inviting the client to make contact with the ball, they instinctively add shaft lean at impact. i.e. driving the ball into the ground, rather than trying to help the ball into the air  so prevalent with beginners.  This new action “compresses the ball” sending it into the air creating back spin as the ball rides up the clubface.

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