There are a plethora of golf training aids on the market. Today I’ll walk you through the second of the main ones I use during my coaching sessions

Orange Whip 

Sounds like something out of a pseudo masochism parlour but it’s not!

There are two versions; the Orange Whip Trainer and the Orange Whip Light-speed.

The Orange Whip Trainer

The Orange Whip Trainer is the length of a driver and has a very whippy shaft. 

One of the hardest things to coach is the “transition”, that is the change of direction from the top of the back swing to commencing the downswing. The Orange Whip helps to focus the user’s attention on their left hip (for right hander’s) and core and away from an over reliance on hands and arms. With the whippy shaft it’s very hard to activate the hands too early and clients start to experience the sensation of lag (where the clubhead lags behind the hands). This is especially useful for people who slice their drives.

Other benefits are improved tempo, weight transference and rotation, especially the hips and core.

I’ll often film before and after swings and the difference is incredible!

The Orange Whip LightSpeed

This is similar to Over-speed sticks. It helps develop club head speed in the golf swing (increases flexibility/rotation). It also helps to improve swing plane as the task changes from hitting a ball to swinging a golf club and your golf brain adjust accordingly.

Again great to watch before and after swings. Clients  seem to instantly abandon their “scenic route” golf swings for more direct and efficient movements. Breeds confidence to swing harder and to release the clubhead through impact.

If you’d like to experience either of these swing aids and compare with your “normal” golf swing, please get in touch.

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