So in blog 12 we explored the takeaway until the club was parallel to the ground.

Now continue your backswing again in super slow motion. Be aware at what point (if at all) the wrists begin to hinge. Does it happen automatically or do you have to force them? How tight is your grip on a 1-10 scale? (With 1 being light and 10 where rigor mortis sets in). If you repeated the movement with a lighter grip, would your wrists hinge more easily? What number on the 1-10 scale feels right?

Keep swinging to the top of your back swing. Have your shoulders turned till your back is to the target and your left shoulder (right handed golfers) is under your chin?

Has your left arm bent and if so at what stage did it bend?

Now we’ll shift to the downswing. It’s hard to do this realistically at such a slow speed but observe which muscles initiate the transition. Is it your hands and arms or a weight shift to the left and a rotation of the left hip?

Repeat a few times to be sure. Again, be aware of your grip pressure and the difference if any a lighter grip makes.

Try to maintain Thai Chi speed. If you speed up you won’t be able to follow the sequencing.

Keep swinging to the impact position.

Now be aware of the clubface. Was it square to the target line at impact or facing left or right?

Repeat the entire swing with all your focus on a square face at impact. What adjustments (if any) were you aware of?

Having swung several times in super slow motion in super slow motion, move to about a 50% swing speed; slow enough to retain some awareness but fast enough to begin to add weight shift and tempo. What do you now observe at a 50% swing speed?

Finally speed up to what is a comfortable full swing speed; perhaps 70-85% of flat out. Again, what are you now aware of?  Don’t be afraid to go back to Thai Chi speed for a few swings if this helps you hone in on something in particular.


Awareness remains the key to developing a sound, repeatable golf swing. Please be patient and don’t be tempted to rush these drills – as you persevere your levels of awareness will heighten. 
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