The British Olympic cycling team dominated the last Olympics? Why? Because they focused on a series of areas where they could make a 1% gain. This varied from engineering rounder wheels, to athletes taking their own pillow on tour so they would sleep that little bit better and wake refreshed.

What 1% gains could you make?

Action: Try listing 10 which are relevant to you

Here are a few examples to get you thinking:

Preparation – equipment ready and packed night before(check the weather forecast, include an umbrella, waterproofs, mittens, warm hat, sun tan cream as appropriate).

Preparation – make time to stretch your body, ideally after a shower when your muscles are warmer

(see for a golf warm up example

Preparation – If playing an unfamiliar course, visit their web site and check put their on line  course planner/pro tips if one exists, buy a stroke saver (paper course planner), GPS – download the course, make sure your GPS is charged. If you use a laser device, carry a spare battery.

Preparation – home course – the night before you sleep – visualise every hole and play each shot in your head

Preparation – make time to warm up your golf swing –this could be 15 mins to an hour, whichever suits you best. If time is short, try to hit a few chips for tempo and tuning into the speed of the greens on the day plus some pace putts (More on this in a future blog) Play first hole(s) at end of your practice on the range, one shot at a time. This way you will be ready once the game begins

Preparation – Food – Try porridge for breakfast rather than a fry up as gives you a slow energy release. Bring and sip water regularly. Bring an energy snack such as a banana or cereal bar (chocolate will give you a sugar rush only with a corresponding dip)

Irons – are they clean? Are the grooves free from dirt? If not they won’t generate much backspin

Wedge gapping – How far do you hit each of your wedges? Is the gap between PW and SI too great? If so think about investing in a gap wedge. Book an appointment with a club fitter who also has a launch monitor

Wedge grooves – how old are your wedges? Are the grooves worn? If so they won’t create much backspin

1st tee – have a clear shot in mind and a clear target and then commit!

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