Hi guys, hopefully you’ve had time to reflect and have identified your key areas for improvement.

Here is my summary but feel free to create your own matrix

Shot Score  (A-F) Notes Ranked
Driver B+ 12/14 fairways hit but lack distance  
200yds C+

Consistency of ball strike

Lack of distance per club

150 yds C+

Consistency of ball strike

Lack of distance per club

100yds B Needs work in different  wind conditions  
20 yds chip and run B

More focus on landing spot, less on technique

Experiment more off poor lies

20 yds over an obstacle C+ Good tempo and commit to brush grass after ball 4
Putting C+ Hole more 5-8 foot putts 1
Bunkers C Distance control 5
Course management B Find time to hit 30 balls ahead of game inc chips and putts  
Mental side B

Commit to chosen shot

Trust my swing


So we now need to create a quantifiable plan of action.

It’s tempting to practice your strengths but realistically, which areas are going to make the biggest difference to your enjoyment and ultimately scoring?

For me my priorities are:

  1. Making more putts
  2. Increasing distance per club
  3. Consistency of ball strike
  4. Chipping 20 yds over an obstacle

However, given the current constraints (no access to a golf course or driving range) we all need to be more creative.

  1. Making More Putts

I have a putting hole that send the ball back to me so can practice 5-8 foot putts on the carpet.  This will help my aim and tempo but do little for reading uphill/downhill or putts with plenty of break

  1. Increasing distance per club

For this I can work with a radar device (to measure swing speed) and Superspeed sticks

(Or I could if they weren’t locked away in my golf studioL)



Once back in the studio, I will do this every other day. 10 swings with the light stick, 10 with my driver and 10 with the heavier stick. The goal is to beat my daily best. Over a period of 6 weeks a 10% increase is quite possible. This will equate to roughly 20 yrs distance gained. Got your attention nowJ

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  1. Consistency of ball strike

This is a tough one if I can’t hit full shots and don’t currently possess a large outdoor net

(These are available but not sure of their durability)

  1. Chipping over an obstacle

My garden only has about 12 yds of grass so will have to make do with this

I’ve set up an upturned golf umbrella (weighted down with 2 bricks) about 10 yds away

I’m hitting off the grass or an old door mat using my 3 wedges and away from the windowsJ

Now I could just practice attempting to land balls in the umbrella for a period of time till I get bored, or I could set myself a challenge of how many out of 10 balls can I get to land in the umbrella (and ideally stay in) or end up underneath.

By doing this drill daily, I can track my progress and also become more aware of what works.

For example, hit 3 shots where you focus entirely on technique. Then hit 3 shots where you become obsessed with the target and compare the results

Now experiment with ball position, forward of centre, centre or behind centre

Now hit 3 shots with your weight favouring your front foot, neutral and favouring your back foot

Then 3 with your weight on your heals, then toes then balls of feet (neutral)

What have you learnt (Hopefully more than where is the nearest window replacement service) Make notes while the feedback is fresh in your mind

Nb. Thanks to Russ Evans for the 10 ball drill https://www.facebook.com/russellevanscoaching

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