Hi guys, have you seen the claim “hit your driver further – guaranteed”! 

Well there is a way and I’m on that journey right now.

Over speed sticks are a way of training your body to find a more efficient way to swing faster and a faster swing will help you to hit the ball further.

Please take a look at the two videos shot with coach Russell Evans last week.

My normal golf swing is ok, I’ll hit lots of fairways but won’t break any long driving contests.

The second video using a speed stick shows a far more dynamic action with lots more lag. Note the knee separation with the speed sticks – clearly engaging my lower body and increasing  ground forces too. I didn’t think or “try” to do any of this, my golf brain simply figured it out.

Also attached is an Over speed newsletter showing the growing number of tour pros utilising this technology.

So what’s involved and what can I achieve I hear you asking?

3 training sessions per week of 10 mins per session are recommended over a 6 week period.

Typical swing speed gains are an increase of 5-8%.

For an average golfer this would be a 20 yard carry gain plus roll (in the summer)

I have the speed sticks and the radar gun. If 3 sessions is too much for you in one week, come along once and I’ll give you the drills to rehearse at home.

To give it a go – contact me today!

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