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Nearly every golfer I coach says they want to be “more consistent”. Sound familiar? Ok, but I’d argue most golfers are actually consistently inconstant!

This could be the pre-shot routine, the grip, stance, alignment, etc.  However, arguably the most important area of inconsistency is the mind. Where is your attention when you play a golf shot?

Is it in the past where you thinned your last chip shot through the green and into the clubhouse? Or is it in the future, you are on a roll, going well and the trophy is in sight. Two holes to go and you are already writing your winners speech?

My recommendation is to focus on the present and ask yourself this question every single time; “what’s the right shot here”?

Focusing on the present, on the shot you are about to play with an open mind – open to the possibility that history does not need to repeat itself. Focusing on the exact spot you want to land your chip shot. If you are totally committed to that spot and nothing else, there isn’t room in your mind to worry about the past or the future. Try it and prepare to be amazed.

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