Attended a workshop at The London Club hosted by Scott Cranfield and Steven Orr, both Fellows of the PGA and hugely knowledgeable in the field of golf coaching.

Bi-lateral transfer

We explored areas such as “Bi-lateral Transfer”; how one hand can tap into the most efficient movement of the other. It’s a complex subject but made to seem remarkably simple by Steven’s demonstrations. He also suggested that we already use many of the motor skills for golf in other areas of our lives so we don’t need to build a completely new movement just for golf.

Primary values

Scott explored how “Emotions” run our lives and that unless we understand these emotions our lesson plans will be flawed.
As coaches we need to understand the client’s primary “values” relating to career, family, financial, spiritual, physical, mental and social as these values shape who we are. For example, if getting fit is not seen as a priority to our client, it is unlikely that the client will have the motivation to go to the gym and sustain a programme on their own. However, they may (subject to available funds) be prepared to engage a personal trainer, as their values of “not letting someone else down” would help to keep them on track.
A Values Determining sheet is available on request!


Steven demonstrated the dramatic difference clean clubface grooves and the quality of the golf ball can have on stopping power on the greens. When did you last clean your irons?

How to Motivate Juniors

Praise should be focused on areas such as effort, struggle, choices, strategies, persistence, and learning from mistakes, rather than absolute results in terms of scores.
Carol Dweck of Stamford University said “see setbacks as opportunities to learn rather than trying to just look smart”


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